TRŪ Chocolate™ - All Natural Dark Chocolate | Our Story
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TRŪ Chocolate® is a dark chocolate unrivaled
in taste, quality, healthfulness and value.

At the 2017 Chicago Sweets and Snack Expo May 23-25, our long-held belief that TRŪ Chocolate® is a game changer category was validated when our dark chocolate covered almonds were selected as one of the top five hottest trending items of the show. Since our beginning back in 2009, our goal has been to create the Healthiest Chocolate Snacks in The World, snacks that could impact people’s lives. To meet our goal, we needed products that not only tasted great, but were truly beneficial to every human being including the 50% of the population that either has diabetes or diabetic tendencies. Thus, we created a dark chocolate that contained No Sugar, was Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, and NON-GMO, and used the finest Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Cocoa sweetened with the highest quality Natural Xylitol available. Besides the solid dark chocolate wafers, we created three other products where we covered almonds, raisins, and gluten free pretzels with our delicious chocolate.

TRŪ Chocolate® with its four unique products is at the precipice of greatness in 2018. The packaging has been redesigned by the same firm that launched the super successful BAI drink and the result is breathtaking packaging that will be launched in April 2018.

As for our company management, the sales team is led by Bob Bergwall who has 30 years of industry experience in the natural foods market working with brokers, chains and retail stores. Assisting Bob, we have Jason Cappadona who has been with TRŪ Chocolate® since the beginning while specializing in social media marketing and placing our products in over 75 market locations which provided valuable testing on how to market our products. On the financial side, we have CFO David Dahn, CPA MST, with 28 years of wide ranging experience as a founder, CEO, CFO, International and Domestic Tax Manager, and Tax Consultant including mergers and acquisitions. For manufacturing and quality control, we have Todd Ruff who has 27 years of experience in all aspects of what it takes to produce a dark chocolate product like TRŪ Chocolate®, having been a CEO/COO of a chocolate company for five years and also having been a Plant Manager, a Director of Operations and a Senior Process Engineer. Rounding out the team is our Compliance Officer Charlie Hodgson who has been with the company since the beginning. Charlie is a software engineer who single handedly developed and wrote five swimming and track software products which netted 2 million in sales annually and 95% market share.

Why is our chocolate so good for everyone? It starts by using only “all of the Good and none of the Bad” within our ingredient list. We know everyone loves chocolate and that pure cocoa has many nutritional benefits with over 200 minerals and phytonutrients, but not all chocolates are created equal because of what is added. We add no fillers, waxes or preservatives. We are one of the few who use organic cocoa, and it is important to know that for every 100 pounds of cocoa produced in the world, only one-half pound is organic! For the sweetener, sugar is not the answer because of its negative health benefits, so after looking at our options, only one sweeter would be worthy to be in our formulation: Xylitol, a sugar alcohol that our bodies naturally produce each day and gives the chocolate a great taste. Also, after extensive research on natural herbs that have been used for centuries, we added several to the mix, very selectively using only the purest available such as Momordica Charantia, an herb that has shown potential to aid in balancing blood sugars. There you have it, a game changer in the confectionery world with a phenomenal management team. Hence, we are proud of our name, TRŪ CHOCOLATE®, because that’s what it is.