About TRU Chocolate®
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To develop the very best quality dark chocolate and snacks
that are both healthy and irresistibly delicious
– without compromise –

About TRŪ Chocolate®

We have dared to change what the world knows as healthy chocolate candy and have created a truly beneficial treat. We are fully committed to the trend in the food industry that moves consumers away from detrimental ingredients and towards healthier, life-sustaining choices.

TRŪ Chocolate® was originally offered in 2009-2010 in test markets and within a few short months developed a strong following with tremendous consumer acceptance. Since then we have invested in extensive research and development. The result today is a much better product, with better flavor, enhanced mouth feel, and greater smoothness. We think you will agree that TRŪ Chocolate® is a superior product. Features of our product include:

  • No Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Antioxidant Loaded
  • No Waxes, Fillers or Preservatives
  • Wafers Individually Wrapped
  • Kosher

Taste what we believe is TRŪ-ly “The only chocolate that loves you back!™”